holy stream floats my palace. 神泉扶明宫。

a determined mind.
under God's shine after i broke heart for a girl collegian, devoted to reclaim my vested kingdom of China from my ancestor with glory.


Qiqihar railway station square in a normal bright morning on way my routine weekend visit my son.seasonal merry holidays full filled our hearts with hope and anticipation.
benzrad's QRRS dorm disclosed in prelude of wonderful holiday, new year day when benzrad, the father, will reunite his son and go cinema. his living in the dorm steadily improved even insane persons in neighbor dorm still pesters him.

dreamt of joblessess. ::dawn dream brought me into Nankai Univ again. I was told by classmate usual student graduate in third year in campus, left another year in college to prepare enter society. for my academy stained by cheating in test, I unable to graduate normally. then in campus I toddled everywhere to find not a single thing I was concerned. I was jobless, literally. I saw usual students exercise with their mentor, one of them is the dean, who trained his students brave by let them one by one jumping to ground from higher floor. they r engaged and not jobless. then in the nightmare I tried all means to be jobless, isolated from daily life of making living, like a ghost. yesterday I succeeded charged my google voice and localphone. my credit card failed to charge overseas several times previously, but this time I broke barrage. in the blessing night I reviewed my son's situation, unease under school burden, I knew he want join me, be part of my family business. I felt sorry for him, and resolved to accept him, no matter what is, in God's mercy and grace. I accept if he rests under my roof, God, ur see how it endurable. impulse drove me near 7pm over to his community where I ate western Chinese noodle from a restaurant operated by a young couple from northwestern China. the wife looks like a Uighur, whose beauty inspired me deeply. I guess their business in stalemate and I dearly hope they safe in economy. for too late for bus, I didn't visit my son, but just after settled in dorm, I saw him online, first time in the week when his elemental school exam worsen. that's a good day starts. God, with this month exceptional salary, I was greatly cheers up, but not my son, to whom I didn't gift. I recognized the problem just after I returned to dorm from dispatching my support my son's living. then next day another huge bonus, ¥1500, arrived. with which I gifted my son 500 RMB. he didn't too much motivate by it but I know its right. God, ur affirmative implants hope in me, through so many turbulence. grant me a constant VPN connection, bring me sooner my Royal China to seed other children of mine this earth. ensured me of grace and thanks holy. in this sunny morning I make sense of blogging.


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