holy stream floats my palace. 神泉扶明宫。

a determined mind.
under God's shine after i broke heart for a girl collegian, devoted to reclaim my vested kingdom of China from my ancestor with glory.


our first google play purchase.  :: in dawn dreamt I was assigned to patrol along the signified place, like the great wall or Tian'anmen Square, with someone dear, say my son. there r crowd gathering on site, including my once department director who broke my normal civil career perspective. my haunting concern is to automate the patrol and relief me from the route. in last dusk my youngest elder sister called to ensure I am in sound state. her husband talked to me in the mid and turned out hostile to my lucky life. he urged me to fish from national medicare system to save money for improve my life shortly while I let him shut up his foolish and selfish view. new credit card issuer, ICBC, also contacted my previous department director for credit auditory. I hope it smooth and gain the card sooner. but that didn't stop us from enjoy new freedom new vpn brings out. when my son asked for pay in his pad games from google play store, even I had explained him we'd better wait till new ICBC credit card to power our pay method, I tried the 3rd way to pay, gift card. there r lots of vendors on taobao.com, Chinese largest e-commercial site emerging in 15 years from nothing, I easily bought $20 at price of ¥109 to charge my son's google account. I intended to surprise my son, so I persistently persuade him to use it to buy. his evil mom took him away twice in the good day, noon for table tennis, dusk to swim, from our online collaboration. the main problem is paying require password verifying, while my son didn't keep a copy of it. I never want to risk stolen and sent him password in cyberspace, given China surveillance so harsh. so lots of time cost teaching my son decrypt password I sent him in im. China espionage broke his Internet many time, let lagging loading page. so many failures frustrated me and I started to scorn and curse my son who seems so naive against blocking. my son finally gave up. that's near 9pm when usually he go to bed. after cleaning myself, I booted up and buzzed my son, yelling him to buy online before sleeping. and he didn't hurt much from my scorns. after I tried buy a bible educational game in his account, he on other side of the Internet did his own purchase independently, his first google payment. all to call the day a nice day. just after affirmed the success, my Internet within the dorm LAN was forced offline. there must be someone losing. God, dad, bring me sooner my Royal China, my girls to new barn where lovely memories echoes. grant us a new credit card and smooth google service at hand, like all other merits shares American people. do please let us learn and grow, in ur shines, peaceful and plenty.

Photo Description:a lovely morning sunshine over crane on building site near benzrad's QRRS Dorms. life of the prayer for his 1109 years of China Empire improves a lot in 2014, but still lots of uncertainty ahead.

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