holy stream floats my palace. 神泉扶明宫。

a determined mind.
under God's shine after i broke heart for a girl collegian, devoted to reclaim my vested kingdom of China from my ancestor with glory.


failing Arab world.

bitter Arab world, & dreamt of mi.com and its founder Leijun. its second night I slept in new and thicker quilt my kid brother bought me last year. its quite cozy in cold September night. in dawn dream I saw Leijun, founder of mi.com, a Chinese smartphone maker and known Steve Jobs admirer operating his company: training young employees, public relation, personal charisma. we didn't talk in dream for knew each other's reservation. there r lots of young people attracted afore, including myself needing investment, to the CEO in his prime time, a former long time programmer just taught by computer science from America soon after PRC's poverty drove opening policy, and he admits being idol. the blind young people reminds me the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, islamic war in middle east drove millions Arabs fled their islamic nation, seeking refugee in Christian world. I hated the situation as known so hard to migrate to democratic world being Chinese, esp in PRC. those arabian losers in their homeland dump to advanced countries just as wished by their selfish tyrant in poor middle east barren by Arab thousand years. they silence upon the brutality in their homeland but in Europe they adopted all democratic means, protests, propagandas,human bodies as weapons to block police, social media on which most negative, violence, killing,torment brought ugly in limelight by them. Steve Jobs, the best son of Arab educated by Christian who built apple.com, will known in future world as most greedy profit squeezer and fetishism, and void of short glamour. Christian put hope in saint baby who saves the world, while islamic breed cattle of kids non-innocent and trains them brutal murderers like what happening in ISIS and recent war history in northern Africa. Arab pretends strong in the world stage but they do fell. in short time like apple into vain, world will see through the frequent cheats of islamic and Arab. united world under God will bring peace and glory to stage of unity sense. God, dad, China on the half of arab and advanced western world. God, u put duty for my Royal China to broaden shiny way for Chinese apart from sins and falling. bring me sooner my Royal China to strengthen my base, dad, allow me have more children when I feed them. thx inspiring me disclose my discomfort upon times and times tolerance to barking islamic war machine, in this pale morning, God dad.

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