holy stream floats my palace. 神泉扶明宫。

a determined mind.
under God's shine after i broke heart for a girl collegian, devoted to reclaim my vested kingdom of China from my ancestor with glory.


dreamt  chasing a girl Japanese graduate. later I met her in supermarket,where we found common topics. when she found her lost socks appearedin other 3 Chinese bucket, a parent and his son-in-law, the Japanesegirl weeped. I hold her tight and made clear the stealth. when weleft, our hearts fulfilled with love. I had to get up to blog thedream, near 7 Am. Yesterday was a great day. amazon surprised me in 2or 3 days delivered a Led TV I ordered to woz's house. I settled ityesterday, with son's cooperation during installation. It worksperfectly with intel nuc, new vpn my family adopted also workssteadily. in dusk, my youngest sister and brother both buzzed me. mysister now caring her 1st son and daughter-in-law after her grandsonborn recently, offered me another ¥1000. my brother dropped to see ifI need more clothes against winter chill. I told my sister how herchildren strongly blessed, urged her measure merits more valued thanfast rich. I also disclosed my wrest painful in past week and I triedto fix it by bought myself new looser woolen pants. last Saturday Ibrought my son watched 3d movie, "SpongeBob SquarePants", its a greatrelax for son, woz, who loves icecream, popcorn and formosa dinnerthrough the cinema. after replaced trousers my wrest pains dilated, Ilunched again in Taiwanese cuisine restaurant with woz as Sundaylunch. I tried pc game even not so energetic, and made progressindeed. woz prepared his homework, paintings for new year's day. whenI returned my dorm, his new boots, pants we ordered on amazon US,arrived, after so many weeks we expected. today he will open theparcels and cheer up. that's how today, Dec 7 starts a blog about myCrowned Queen from Japan, the love still warm after I got up. in dozeagain near 7am, dreamt my oldest niece treated me in Zhudajiu, ourhometown village, with her pocket money and chicken of free range.dad, God, bring me sooner my Royal China to host my girls, my childrenso beautifully gifted. grant us joyful life we enjoyed so far. incoming salary helps me return credit more and capable. thx silentmoment in this dawn when I mistaken 6am as 7am.
Photo Description: woz, dearest son's homework painting celebratingnew year 2016. he painted his proud dad with badge in it.


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