holy stream floats my palace. 神泉扶明宫。

a determined mind.
under God's shine after i broke heart for a girl collegian, devoted to reclaim my vested kingdom of China from my ancestor with glory.


monthly reunion getting stronger.

dreamt getting trouble in hometown of been loved as same gender. dreamt I enjoyed school term vacation at hometown, Zhudajiu. my passed mother appeared in dream. the one of my cousins, quite older than me, punished their daughter who acclaimed in love with me as gay. I was at home and absent from the troubled scene where the rebellious daughter shamed and admitted guilty, but at a distance where I can hear the cheos and discuss my confession with crowd around me. in the mid, the gay I engaged likely turns to be a handsome elemental school teacher in family name Liu lives neighbor village and whose sister married a villager just near my old house. I defended my emotional innocent, demonstrated true and unbiased love among insanes. that was dream when I napped after sent my son, woz, to his custody, his mom after a night ported in my dorm monthly. the past week I busy with restore layout and adsense element on agarten.in, one of my dynamic sites hosted on google cloud engine. I made hard and slow progress in situation where frequently programming skill needed while I seldom obtain in past carrer. but it almost done before I fetched my son after his swim exercise near 7:30pm in downtown Qiqihar. waiting since the afternoon put me relentless. I also tried new steam games before my son can join in his descending my dorm. in the chill on bus stop I witnessed so many young persons in their prime time while I prayed for a young wife so many years. with my son we did quick shopping in Walmart, in which slumppy economy put less customers at scene and we first time didn't queue to check out. we still spent near ¥300 there, including foods, pillars, and hardware tool I admired long ago. in nearby KFC, we ate deliciously and left prompt. settled in dorm, my son tried games I prepared for him and myself. he forgot bringing glasses with him, so I took him away from sceen soon and urged him played his pad games for the sake of his sight. he has huge update list and till 1am I got up powered down the dorm. I also found his quilt needs rearrangement lest uncover his back and body. its my fault to urge him put more of rest quilt between us on same bed rather than allowing it slides onto ground which usually dirty and spilt with water for we clean our feet with hot water before bed. next morning I sleepy while my son got up early around 7am after a late night before 11pm. he urged to leave first for he dislike the tentatively separated us tiny woman, his mom, would arrange electronic music lesson again upon his late return. We took taxi after KFC breakfast and at his mom's house, he soon taken away to swim exercise by visiting grandma's companion. returned to dorm again I tasteless and gave up fixing site's adsense problem and napped, after cleaned my room, ventilated indoor. dad, God, my life here lends where to gloriously? I don't know. I cherish moments so much with my son, and prepared them heartedly, but more and more an even brighter shift ahead turns clear. dad, God, let me fulfilled with joys there when the Son's glory deserves augments. bring me sooner my girls when my bloods mates, bring me my Royal China when that matters the earth event. thx for the cover of dream, dad, God, for message in this sunny afternoon. 


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