holy stream floats my palace. 神泉扶明宫。

a determined mind.
under God's shine after i broke heart for a girl collegian, devoted to reclaim my vested kingdom of China from my ancestor with glory.


dreamt being in media industry again.

free fly in cyberspace now.. dreamt my old career, media. my once colleague, Xu Chuanyou, appeared in office and brag his investment. then I worked as chief editor of media company whose boss is Li Ka-shing. I made lots of effects on designing skyline scene as new cover image of our new campaign. Li heard my report and arranged support for my promotion. then on roof of the office building, I arranged crew, reporters onto world affair stage. our business booming and I woke up. these days constrained by mis-configuration and can't access my google cloud engine. one of my site, zho.io, went offline for week after succeeded to patch new security, and then went wrong strangely. I searched the web for fix but misled by tutorial with faults, put my all site and security key vulnerable public. likely the automatic protective mechanism prevents me logon since then. lacking of linux administratiive skill upset me deeply, even sometimes online community quite helping and growth of learning inspiring. the canteen operator's family gathering again, his old mother, whose manner always repulsive for me, might urge her daughter-in-law, the only woman in the operative team of the canteen I admit, refuse to loan me for return my credit deficit. the operator and his wife both lied when I asked for loan. in holy confidence when I bathed in sunshine after lunch in front of dorm, I decided time to book flight for scheduled winter vacation in my kid brother's house in southern China. soon with my credit I got 2 ticket of airline. my kid brother generously sent me ¥5000 to cover the expense. with it, I returned historical loan, ¥1400, to the canteen at once and likely let the operator at loss. with year end closing, my son and myself cheered by coming visit southernly.
God, dad, after so many tries I more and more got familiar with securer Internet access. now I enjoy boarderless cyberspace so much. I try my best to cover my son with best education and entertainment online, esp from US. thx for the solid improvement, thx for peaceful workspace here around us. bring me sooner my Royal China to educate more freedom lives on the scarry land in sinking PRC. bring me my girls and our offspring for joy of heavenly. thx fiancial support, esp my loveable credit cards, changes my life so much.


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