holy stream floats my palace. 神泉扶明宫。

a determined mind.
under God's shine after i broke heart for a girl collegian, devoted to reclaim my vested kingdom of China from my ancestor with glory.


enemies around.

dreamt of once enemy in old work place. these days daunted by difficulty in setup web apps on google app engine, I rested myself and enjoy reading online more routinely. it can be boring and I napped after noons. this noon nap I dreamt with my son fought against punishment in game in which I tried to gain network administrator job while the cable TV network equipment exporter company from Beijing teased me with my QRRS cable TV director, with whom the battle since put me jobless. they disliked me and blocked me with quizs. I also dreamt of my Nankai alumni with whom I begged help before my 2nd flight tour with my son, in bank's urgency to confirm credit positive, and informed with my cyberspace brand searchable. in weeks my domestic blogs at lofter.com cencored. he likely a part of PRC surveillance, and likely by his effects my custom domains with lofter.com all removed, blogs' access resumed after near a week's prohibition. in the dream I also saw why once colleague in QRRS cable TV, assigned accountant still prefered spreadsheet, excel, to automatic database software I long suggested, to manage customer's fee. he might co-operated with the director using primitive tool to obtain more control on departmental sales for their profits stealthily. recently I dreamt my son more occasions and sometimes in sexual dreams I even can't differentiate him from my beloved girls. that reminds me my sins of being single so long and female around fondless. God dad, I never stopped praying for my true love, my beautiful girls I called upon my blog so long. I admire young girl in time for marriage so long anytime I perceive with my eyes daylight. grant me Asoh Yukiko, my TW girl, girl Lyu, with whom I still in profound aspiration. grant me new family and more children. God dad, I don't compete with anyone for offspring, like most Chinese and Arab do, but I feel 3 or 4 children will prefect me and nature. dad, this world, our family duty under oath to Holy, makes it necessary to maintain the Royal prosperous. help me achieve the sweet task I won't gave up before destiny. lower my deficit to bank and enable their purchase power. God, help me enjoy the cosy of dynamic website, free my frustrations during building on google computing infrastructure.


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