holy stream floats my palace. 神泉扶明宫。

a determined mind.
under God's shine after i broke heart for a girl collegian, devoted to reclaim my vested kingdom of China from my ancestor with glory.


as deadly as zombies' siege.

dreamt near lunar spring festival at my hometown. saw changes in the village: newly build dam control gate and road. the road near dam gate left with deep and steep wheel dent for poor budget for concret. I saw our village field, flowers and leisure villagers among it. In dream I married my niece, ie. second daughter of my mom's niece in a village around. but we were divorced newly in dream and our son left me sad for the changing life. last week full of joyes with improved salary. my urgent bills wrote off with it. now with ¥200 loaned by dorm canteen I will visit asylum for medicine today. my backup cellphone, a moto, hacked and ill behaved, so I deleted critical database on it. it usually disabled both wifi and bluetooth. so likely hacker with direct control on it. I wondering if the facing door, a secret cop surveillance me since weeks ago, stealth into my room and injected it malware. my parcel from ordering used router for vpn on taobao.com, delayed a week still it only left one logistic information: dispatched by vendor, and nothing else happened in other 6 days so far. another item, a usb card reader, its logistic information also hijacked several days till it reached locally before updated on time. PRC close surveillance sometimes made me sad. the facing door dog, with all its energy when just settled, half open his door all day and night, immediately fixed my door which is tight and sometimes my son even can't push open on his own, likely in weekends when I went to visit my son 3 bus stops away, just under corridor webcams. now that its now even can't hold tight upon wind, I intended directly shut close it when I entered. the facing cop also in recent days gave up letting its door half open to peek and eavesdrop, my cold shoulders toward surveillance likely conveys strong dislike and ruin his fool's joys and presumable poise. he also likely partially completed his mission: stolen my password keeper's database, infected my portable devices with trojans and keyloggers. the long compete for a clean os really drains me, let me felt boring and labored. what's laughable is that, the neighbor tall dog, once pretending cough every day and spitted everywhere in excuse of his illness, these days silently stay unnoticed aside, quit both surveillance and condemn the environment. the authority has its power just upon those cheap souls and zombies which labeled price for been controlled. dad God, save me from fatigue of faith in long run. bring me sooner my Royal China to discipline China and Chinese under holy. remove trifle divided by forcible authority and in glory of united one. God dad, bring me sooner my crown Queen, Asoh Yukiko, from Japan, for coming age. bring me more offspring to sustain the 1109 years life of my Empire of China under title Zhu's. bring me lighter credit debt in coming months.


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