holy stream floats my palace. 神泉扶明宫。

a determined mind.
under God's shine after i broke heart for a girl collegian, devoted to reclaim my vested kingdom of China from my ancestor with glory.


long dream

first dreamt likely before graduation we visit a temple. I got vision that wisdom like underground water resource, connected among different lakes and pools. I talked with a female monk and saw complicated vision. then we packaging for leave the campus after graduation. Xiao Weidong, my lower berth...

dream of army camp

dreamt in army or in army training camp. in break my schoolmates asked me to write them a song for talent show but I really in brewing. a quick shooter schoolmate already wrote a song which exaggerate those propagated emotions. when schoolmates trusted my comments, I went straight and dislike promoting...

been inpatient by bank debt.

dreamt in my hometown in a camp. first our village under huge refurnish for tourism. my dearest passed dad, mom, both appeared in dream. there was a town hall just under my dad's old house and in a row of houses there was performance and performers from nearby villagers. there were herd of visitors....

as deadly as zombies' siege.

dreamt near lunar spring festival at my hometown. saw changes in the village: newly build dam control gate and road. the road near dam gate left with deep and steep wheel dent for poor budget for concret. I saw our village field, flowers and leisure villagers among it. In dream I married my niece, ie...

upon humiliation of emotional tangle.

gradually people around me turns better treating me. my gaze when I jogging in dusk turns some women and girls friendly to me but also gathers hatred. reviewing women in my life so far, I sometimes touched by kindness and tenderness of QRRS Dorm canteen woman who operating the small business with her...

prepare alone a banquet.

Its a sunny morning, I felt obliged to get up and do something. Recent testing tomato router script put me in a worker’s mindset, absolutely nothing else beyond of task memories. I dived so hard that I merely recognize other things than occupied by inch in inch progress I strode outward chaos. My son...

a relaxing dream in which I visited my artist friends in Tianjin art college. at first I dreamt with BianQiong, my Tibet painter friend, and his friend. they live in dorm like a family. then shifted to a house near door and some of those students there working and chatting. I using English with a friend...

windy sunny dragon boat holiday.

dreamt in a journey and next day we will return. I designed a multimedia and have to change some text in it. I tried many ways then found have to install then hack text string, one for title, one for calculation result. then in a class there are some guests. on black child played with my son and slammed...

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